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CHEDDAR Administration - ARE / ESP / HE

Arial view of the Cluster buildings
Welcome to the CHEDDAR Administration Website. Here you will be able to find the resources you need for the new Admin structure.

UCD Human Resources                             UCD Academic Personnel

 Cluster Staff Directory Download

Department Chairs
Rachael Goodhue Ag and Resource Economics
Marcel Holyoak Environmental Science and Policy
Luis Guarnizo Human Ecology


Elle Barnes Chief Administrative Officer Mon & Tue - Wickson Hall, Room 1007, Wed - Hunt Hall, Room 131b, Thur & Fri - SS&H, Room 2123530-752-9995 / 2-1127 / 2-6370Map
Payroll Payroll Wickson Hall Map
Financial Analyst 1319 Hart / 2133 SS&H530-752-7204 / 752-7252Map

Undergraduate and Graduate Advisors

Safety Coordination/Facility Work orders
    Duncan Pohl Safety Coordination/Facility Work Orders2116SS&H530-219-5509Map
    Tina Hammell Safety Coordination3107Wickson Hall530-574-6342Map

    Information Technology
    Laurie Warren AREResearch / Teaching IT Support 3130SS&H530-752-5357Map
    Kathy Edgington AREResearch / Teaching IT Support 3128SS&H530-752-1546Map
    Jeff Goettsch AREResearch / Teaching IT Support 3125SS&H530-752-2219Map
    Bob Brewer ESPDirector of Information Technology2138Wickson Hall530-754-8250Map
    Carlos Barahona ESPESP / Cluster Admin IT Support2131Wickson Hall530-752-4061Map
    Viendi Hoang ESPESP / Cluster Admin IT Support3108Wickson Hall530-752-8518Map
    Brad Wilcox Human EcologyResearch / Teaching IT Support 129Hunt Hall530-752-4115Map
    Christopher Collier Human EcologyHuman Ecology IT Support 1320Hart Hall530-752-2784Map
    Paul Min Human EcologyHuman Ecology IT Support 2345Hart Hall530-752-5185Map